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Hi, I'm Rebecca....

I’m passionate about helping people to be their best selves in an ever-challenging world. 

I’m also a mum and have recognised the gargantuan shift in recent years in how our children are coping with setbacks, an increase in anxiety and a rewiring of our brains imposed on us by modern technology. It’s time to start taking control of our minds again, getting back to basics and learning tools to overcome the stresses we suffer because of modern life.

I want to help our children to thrive in a society that doesn’t support them, that wants to label and categorise them and makes it impossible for us as parents to nurture their beautiful spirits in the way that they deserve.

The Mindset Objective is for you as a parent, it’s for your child and your teen. It’s for anyone who wants to feel empowered and beat the algorithm of the modern world!

Who is the Mindset Objective for?

Pre-teens and teens

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Fitness isn't just physical

Virtual mental fitness sessions for all stages of life.

Virtual mental fitness sessions

for all stages of life.

The Mindset Objective is a gym for the mind where you can attend confidential virtual sessions.  It’s a safe space to learn and understand your mind and behaviours, allowing for time off the treadmill to be curious about yourself and be proactive about your ongoing mental fitness.  

The sessions will provide you with practical tools that you can apply in everyday life to help you further develop a growth mindset and tame that reactive monkey mind.  

No matter your mental fitness level, the practices are there to equip you ready for any challenges you may face and will empower you to control, reframe and quieten that mental chatter to help you improve your wellbeing and confidence.

Junior Objective

For ages 8-12.  Attend with your little mind scientist and work through the tools and techniques together as a family. These are delivered for maximum engagement and interaction to appeal to this age group.

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Teen Objective

For ages 13-17.  Attend with them or sit-back and allow them the freedom to explore.  These sessions go into a little more detail and help this age group manage the challenges they face at this stage in their lives.

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Big Objective

These sessions are for adults age 18+ and cover the topic in detail.  Choose if you attend anonymously and your level of interaction. There will be a chance to interact at the end of the session if you want to. Corporate subscriptions are also available.

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