Explore tools and gain skills to maintain mental fitness.

Live a more empowered and healthy life through the power of mindset.

About us

At The Mindset Objective, we believe that good mental fitness doesn’t just happen, it’s a commitment and a practice much like going to the gym to get physically stronger. 

This is your Mind Gym.

a landscape with a house and mountains and the route between the two denoting the journey we are all on with our mindset


To Empower people to build health and happiness from within.


We strive to give people of all ages the tools for personal mind management to support mental fitness as part of an ongoing routine that will support well-being in an ever-challenging modern world.


We value:

  • Responsibility – first and foremost your attitude and your behaviour is your responsibility. 
  • Proactiveness – willingness, self-discipline and effort to do the work
  • Inclusivity – our sessions are for all ages and levels
  • Connection – a cornerstone of mental fitness, being part of the mindset objective means having a connection to others who are also striving for a better mindset
  • Empowering others – we share tools and techniques to enable the growth and development of others
  • Growth mindset – our focus; believing that you are capable of progress
our values are about nurturing
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Mental Health First Aider badge.

BSc Hons, MSc

Certificate in Training Practice

CIPD Life Coach

Enhanced DBS

Hi, I'm Rebecca....

The Mindset Objective is a culmination of 22 years of work in the learning and development, science and education sectors. As a qualified scientist, I use a solid foundation of science to help people to develop a growth mindset and explore practices that can help in the achievement of self-awareness, achieving goals and building emotional intelligence. 

I love working with adults to help them achieve but it also struck me how such learnings are often emphasised more later in life or the workplace.  I believe that bringing this into the awareness at a much younger age can help children to understand themselves and to manage their relationships better, deal with challenges and thrive. Not to mention the positive impact that can have on family life!

I’ve experienced and witnessed first-hand the power of a growth mindset and what people can achieve when they practice willpower and make their mind work for them. Our minds are not fixed, they can flex and change but much like building a muscle, it needs to be worked out to develop it so that it becomes a habit. 

The first step is to decide to do it.

I’m a huge believer in the power of the mind. I’m a dedicated Yogi, cat lover, theatre-goer and busy mum of 2!  


How do I know what will be covered in the session?

Each month the topic will be announced on our social media pages and the website.  Make sure you sign up to the monthly newsletter to be kept informed about the topic and given a chance to book on.

When does the monthly schedule come out so that I can plan my sessions?

We will publish the schedules at least 3 months in advance – this will be published on the website (through the book now button) as well as on Facebook.  The following month’s bookings will open on the 1st of the month with the sessions usually taking place in the 2nd and 3rd week of the month.  If you are a subscriber, you will receive an invitation when the bookings open up to prompt you to book on for the month.

What if I can’t attend a workshop?

There are currently 3 workshops run each month for each age group – one in the daytime, one in the afternoon/evening and one over the weekend. We aim that you can attend one of them each month, this will be reviewed regularly.  If you cannot attend your original choice then your booking can be transferred over to another session within the same month. Please check the schedule ahead of booking as bookings cannot be carried over into the next month.


If I still can’t attend a workshop, can I get a refund?

Bookings are non-refundable but are transferable within the same month.  Get in touch to transfer it over. Please check the schedule carefully when booking your sessions. 

I don’t want to be identified in the session and would like to remain anonymous.

That’s ok, there is no interaction required.  Zoom will be set up to protect everyone’s identity in the session and it is up to you if you would like to interact in the final part of the session.

What if I have questions during the session?

The sessions consist of 45 minutes of delivery and 15-minute group interaction.  This is optional for those who may wish to join in discussions, ask questions or just connect with others (connection is key to mental fitness), you may choose to just listen in.  You may also message me directly – during delivery you can only send messages directly to me.  Alternatively, you can email me outside of the session. I’m always happy to respond.  Please note Zoom chat functions will be disabled for safeguarding reasons. 

I tried to attend a session and had technical difficulties.

These things happen!  Contact me immediately and we can arrange for you to attend another session.  I will respond once the session is finished.

I wish to attend monthly is there a more cost-effective way of doing this?

Absolutely, we encourage regular attendance as that’s how fitness is built. You can sign up for a 3 month (or longer) subscription which reduces the cost of each session and helps you with your mental fitness commitment.

My child is over 13 and we are unsure whether I need to attend with them. Are parents expected to attend also?

This is a personal choice and one to make through a conversation with your teen.  The teen objectives are designed to be done without the need for parental input – as long as they can manage the technical aspects.  As they are still underage, we do ask that you be present in the room or close by during the session.  Please see our safeguarding practices in order to understand the measurements we take to protect young people. 

How much do the sessions cost?

A session costs £14 on a PAYG basis.  You can purchase a subscription which works out at a discounted rate of £11 per session for 12 months.  Alternatively, a great taster option is to subscribe for 3 months which works out at £12 per session with an upfront payment. All objectives are the same price.

What if I have 2 children do I need to book them individually?

If they attend the same objective then they can attend the same session on the same device for the cost of only one.  If they are attending 2 separate objectives then each will be charged for individually and must be booked separately.

How can payments be made?

Card payments are accepted.

I am booking my child or teen onto the session do I use their details and email address or mine?

For safeguarding reasons we ask that you use your information for all bookings, including your email address.  We will not ask for any information about your child apart from their age to ensure they are attending the right objective.

I really want to work on some personal goals and would like to arrange a one-to-one session with you?

Please do contact me for prices and we can arrange this at your convenience.