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Online safety is a priority for Esteem Consultancy. We do our utmost to safeguard all our users and staff.

Links to Zoom meetings are given only to those who have booked into the session and are not made publicly available. Individual links are generated for each event.

Every Zoom meeting has a waiting room function enabled to allow the trainer to first check participants against the registration list. Participants are only admitted to the meeting if identifiable by their booking name. Users are to ensure their Zoom name matches the name on the booking, adult names are to be used for this purpose, not children’s.

Users are asked to agree to a list of ground rules with their booking appointment which they are expected to follow throughout the session and will be reminded of at the start of the session.

Any participants engaging in inappropriate behaviour (such as foul language or abuse) will be immediately removed by the meeting host.

For users under 18, the booking can only be made by an adult as the contract can only be entered into by an adult.

During the session users under 18 must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for their safety during this time.

Measures taken during the Zoom meeting:

  • Trainers have an enhanced DBS certificate and attend safeguarding and Prevent training every 12 months
  • Trainers have full control throughout the meeting: cameras, microphones, screen sharing, chat function, recording by other users, breakout rooms and participant lists will all be disabled during the session.
  • Ground rules will be set out at the start of the session to protect all users.
  • Recordings by the trainer will not be made that may capture any users.
  • Recordings may be made by the trainer and will only feature the trainer and the materials.
  • Only those who have completed payment will have access to the session and won’t be admitted unless the email is registered on the booking.
  • The trainer will end the session for everyone at the end of the hour

The first 45 minutes of each session is delivered by the trainer. Users can message the trainer but not each other. After this time users are invited to interact. For this, it is up to the user if they turn their cameras on. Users have the option to use an avatar and can turn their microphones on to speak. Absolutely no recording will be made of this part of the session and photos or screenshots are not permitted.

The ground rules for each session are:

  • Please ensure your Zoom username matches that on the booking or you will not be admitted to the session.
  • Cameras and microphones must be kept off for the first 45 minutes of the session, you will be invited to interact with the session in other ways by your trainer.
  • No photos or recordings are permitted.
  • The Zoom link must not be shared with anyone else.
  • Inappropriate behaviour or abuse will not be tolerated.
  • The trainer reserves all rights to remove you from a session if rules are broken.

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it continues to represent current Government guidelines and legislation.

If you have any concerns please contact Rebecca Wong at info@mindsetobjective.com.